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On July 1st, I started making a series of signing cards to give a quick snapshot of key stats for players as they signed new contracts. You can check them all here – please feel free to save the images and use them as you wish.

I’ll post all signing cards here to save some of the trouble of digging through my Tableau profile. There are a few in here that were made by request (and might be players who’ve yet to sign or pre-July 1st moves).

Also, if there’s a player chart you’d like, please reach out on Twitter. (@SeanTierneyTss).



Dashboard 1(144)


Dashboard 1(143)


Dashboard 1(140)


Dashboard 1(139)


Dashboard 1(138)


Dashboard 1(136)


Dashboard 1(134)


Dashboard 1(133)


Dashboard 1(131)


Dashboard 1(130)


Dashboard 1(129)


Dashboard 1(127)


Dashboard 1(126)


Dashboard 1(125)


Dashboard 1(123)


Dashboard 1(122)


Dashboard 1(120)


Dashboard 1(117)


Dashboard 1(116)


Dashboard 1(111)


Dashboard 1(110)


Dashboard 1(109)


Dashboard 1(108)


Dashboard 1(107)


Dashboard 1(106)


Dashboard 1(105)


Dashboard 1(104)


Dashboard 1(103)


Dashboard 1(102)


Dashboard 1(101)


Dashboard 1(100)


Dashboard 1(99)


Dashboard 1(97)


Dashboard 1(98)


Dashboard 1(96)


Dashboard 1(95)


Dashboard 1(94)


Dashboard 1(93)


Dashboard 1(92)


Dashboard 1(91)


Dashboard 1(90)


Dashboard 1(89)


Dashboard 1(88)


Dashboard 1(83)




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