NHL Playoffs Game Charts – Tuesday, May 17

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There was one game in the NHL last night. The Sharks suffocated the Blues, winning 4-0 and evening their series at 1-1. As noted smart hockey people Gus Katsaros and Micah Blake McCurdy noted, a switch in tactics was key for San Jose:


The Sharks have now outplayed the Blues twice, won once, and head back to home ice. The momentum in this series may continue its current shift. As long as Burns keeps sniping, the Sharks are going to be fine.

Before getting into the game chart, here’s the usual on how to read the graphs:

A couple of notes on reading the charts:

  • the Corsi differential is based on 5v5 play and is score-adjusted, as per war-on-ice.
  • players at the top (with bars extending to the right) posted positive differentials (good)
  • players at the bottom (and to the left) posted negative differentials (bad)
  • the colour of each bar represents the player’s time on ice (see legend at the bottom)
  • each players individual Corsi For attempts are included in parentheses
    • a player with a strong C +/- but a (0) for iCF didn’t directly contribute to his strong showing.
    • a player with a weak C +/- but a strong iCF score (i.e. greater than 5) may have been hindered by linemates. Maybe.
  • like any reasonable person, I don’t believe that Corsi is everything. But it’s a very important part of the everything.

Now, on to the game…

Dashboard 1 (36)

Brent Burns is back to being Brent Burns. His Corsi differential was great in game one and he led all in iCF again in Tuesday night’s game. Couture, Vlasic, Donskoi, and Pavelski rose to the top of the game chart as well. Marleau had his best showing in a while as well.

For the Blues, only Berglund managed to finish in the positives.

At the other end of the graph, Parayko, Ott, Brodziak, and Edmundson were the game’s worst in terms of Corsi differential. No one finished worst than -10, which is a good, (but rough and certainly arbitrary) dividing line between a poor showing and a notably awful performance.

The Blues have been outplayed in the first two games of this series. If they don’t adjust their playing style soon, we may see a lot more of this from Joe Thornton.

Series tied 1-1.

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