NHL Game Charts – Tuesday, March 22

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There were 10 games in all last night. Burns was dominant, Savard had a night, Karlsson’s always excellent, and Nurse struggled mightily. Before digging in to last night’s graphs, here’s a brief outline of how to read the game charts:

A couple of notes on reading the charts:

  • the Corsi differential is based on 5v5 play and is score-adjusted, as per war-on-ice.
  • players at the top (with bars extending to the right) posted positive differentials (good)
  • players at the bottom (and to the left) posted negative differentials (bad)
  • the colour of each bar represents the player’s time on ice (see legend at the bottom)
  • each players individual Corsi For attempts are included in parentheses
    • a player with a strong C +/- but a (0) for iCF didn’t directly contribute to his strong showing.
    • a player with a weak C +/- but a strong iCF score (i.e. greater than 5) may have been hindered by linemates. Maybe.
  • like any reasonable person, I don’t believe that Corsi is everything. But it’s a very important part of the everything.



Giroux and Simmonds led this one, posting 6 iCF each in the process. The real star of the night was David Savard, who mustered 11 iCF and a strong Corsi differential. We only see a handful of double-digit iCF marks in a week – great performance for the CBJ blue liner.

At the other end of the CBJ blue line, Murray and Jones struggled. They posted the game’s worst Corsi +/-. Jones managed 6 iCF – his negative finish shows that he played a high-event game.


Horcoff and Ritchie led the way in this one – a first for Horcoff. Cam Fowler was great for Anaheim, positive a strong Corsi differential and a game-leading 8 iCF. A much better effort for him after a poor showing last time out.

Galchenyuk struggled possession-wise but mustered 5 iCF – that highlights the type of high-event play he was involved in (and driving himself). One way or the other, Galchenyuk’s star is rising. Don’t count on seeing him at the bottom again any time soon.


Chimera, Beagle, and Pageau led the way but each posted an iCF of 1, showing that they weren’t directly involved in most of their on-ice Corsi For events. Karlsson and Hoffman were strong, posting 8 and 6 iCF, respectively.

On the flip side, Bobby Ryan struggled most. And Scott Gomez has taken out permanent residence at the bottom of the game charts – he looks his age and is slowing down.



Datsyuk led the puck possession game here. Condra and Smith led the game overall with 6 iCF each. Anthony Mantha has shown well in the pros and posted another positive possession score.

Nesterov, Johnson, and Marchessault filled out the bottom of the game chart. None of their Corsi +/- marks were atrocious but the trio was not strong in this one.



The Kings dominated the puck. Doughty led all in Corsi +/- but Muzzin and Toffoli joined DD with 7 iCF each. Jeff Carter managed 8 iCF. That’s great possession work.

The Wild spent the night mostly chasing the puck. Scandella, Brodin, Suter, and Spurgeon all finished worse than -10 in Corsi differential.

So it goes.



Thorburn and Lowry led this one and Nic Petan managed 8 iCF.

The Canucks defenders were trounced – Hamhuis, Hutton, and Bartkowski finished at the bottom of the chart, joined by Vey and Etem. Another negative puck possession night for Vancouver.



Hjalmarsson led and TVR has quietly done good work of late. Panarin and Hossa join the Chicago defenders at the top of this chart. It didn’t help in the end.

For the Stars, Benn and Nemeth struggled most. Jordie managed 0 iCF and racked up a ~-12 Corsi differential. Not a great night.



Oesterle led all (major bounce back effort) and Griffin Reinhart posted 7 iCF (a major turnaround). McDavid is routinely in the positives, and Hanzal had a strong showing as well.

For the Oilers, the blue line continues to be the major concern. Nurse endured another beating, finishing near -20 in Corsi differential. Clendening wasn’t far behind. Until Edmonton shores up its defense, they’ll be perennial contenders in the draft lottery.



Burns has become an absolute on-ice terror. He managed 11 iCF and lead all in Corsi +/-. He’s the ultimate hybrid player and a key cog for the Sharks. Martin had a nice night as well.

For the Blues, Schwartz was the game’s worst, Edmundson struggled (rare), and they combined with Tarasenko, Shattenkirk, and Pietrangelo to form the bottom-five in Corsi +/-.



Evander Kane was excellent, leading all and blasting 8 iCF. Deslauriers had a very strong individual showing as well.

For Carolina, Rask and Lindholm struggled most. Carolina has proven to be a sneaky-good possession team, so a bounce-back effort is expected next time out.


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