NHL Game Charts – Sunday, March 20

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There were 7 games on Sunday. Crosby, Letang, and Maatta remained hot for the Penguins, Wheeler was sharp for Winnipeg, Pacioretty pounded 7 iCF, and Parise was a puck possession plus.

Without Grossmann posting a historically bad Corsi differential, Sunday’s games had an air of tameness – still, there were many poor performances upon which to shed a light.

Before we slide into the game charts, here’s a note on how best to enjoy them:

A couple of notes on reading the charts:

  • the Corsi differential is based on 5v5 play and is score-adjusted, as per war-on-ice.
  • players at the top (with bars extending to the right) posted positive differentials (good)
  • players at the bottom (and to the left) posted negative differentials (bad)
  • the colour of each bar represents the player’s time on ice (see legend at the bottom)
  • each players individual Corsi For attempts are included in parentheses
    • a player with a strong C +/- but a (0) for iCF didn’t directly contribute to his strong showing.
    • a player with a weak C +/- but a strong iCF score (i.e. greater than 5) may have been hindered by linemates. Maybe.
  • like any reasonable person, I don’t believe that Corsi is everything. But it’s a very important part of the everything.



Blake Wheeler had a great game, leading all players in Corsi differential and posting 6 iCF. Kesler was best for Anaheim. Silfverberg continued his streak of excellent play and Fowler rebounded after a poor effort last time out.

Stoner flipped his personal script, dropping back to the bottom of the game chart after a great showing last time out. So it goes.



Letang was the game’s best, Maatta posted another excellent effort, and Dumoulin rounded out the top three in the Penguins’ routing of the Capitals. Hornqvist mustered 5 iCF and Crosby continued his strong possession play.

Mike Richards was the best for Washington and that’s not good.

Ian Cole and Justin Williams posted the game’s worst Corsi +/-. Williams is a big plus player, so don’t expect him to repeat this type of showing.



Matthew Calvert led all with 6 iCF but Brandon Dubinsky and Tuomo Ruutu (?!) were the game’s best. Bjorkstrand had another great game and Blandisi popped onto the plus side of the graph for the first time in a while.

Conversely, Zajac was the game’s biggest minus and Larsson/Greene (with all their heavy D-zone usage, etc… etc…) were at the bottom of the chart, which happens to them fairly regularly.



Backlund was the game’s best and Gaudreau posted a nice effort as well. Max Pacioretty led all with 7 iCF and Markov/Emelin were both positive possession players.

At the bottom of the chart, Stajan and Beaulieu struggled most. But this game was fairly tight possession-wise, so neither skater posted a stunningly bad differential.



Parise was the game’s best, which is not standard for the veteran winger. Even more surprising was Seabrook’s spot at the top of the chart. The Chicago defender is consistently a negative puck possession player despite all the hype he receives as a top-2 defenseman.

In another odd twist, Nik Hjalmarsson finished last in Corsi differential. He’s normally sure-handed – I wouldn’t bet on seeing him in this section of the graph again soon.



Soderberg was the game’s best and Barrie was right behind (including 4 iCF). Martinsen led all skaters with 5 iCF. Pakarinen, Hall, and Draisaitl managed positive Corsi +/- scores in the loss.

Standing alone at the bottom is Lauri Korpikoski. Routinely a negative possession contributor, LK has been in this spot of the game chart below. I don’t imagine this will be his last visit.



After Grossmann’s absolute bomb in Arizona’s last game, nothing seems remarkable anymore.

Ward and Donskoi finished on top of the Corsi differential in this one. Marleau led with 6 iCF.

Michalek was the game’s worst but only posted ~-10. Call me when Grossmann’s back at the bottom.


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